Sunday, November 23, 2008

So many little time.

As I sit here today working on a sample for one of my classes, I wonder how I will ever get all my holiday projects done. From quilting, embroidery, classes to teach and then holiday cards to send, it's a little overwhelming at times. So I'm going to just take one thing at a time and know what will get done, gets done.

Right now (literally), I'm working on some Sketch embroideries that were adapted from a hand embroidery pattern. It's Crabapple Hill's - The Twelve Days of Christmas. I completed Day 5 as an example for VSQ and have now Sketched Day 1, 2 & 3. In experimenting with stabilizers, I've determined that Aqua Magic is the best for flour sack towels. All the towels are designed to have a fabric bottom that coordinates with the holiday. Well, let's just say that Day 5 is complete and the sketch part of the other days is taking prioity over the fabric bottoms.

Next weekend will celebrate the arrival of my new DD (Designer Diamond). I can hardly wait to bring it home and put it through its paces. Lots of great new features and of course, much bigger hoops.

Well, my design is about finished.....gotta run.

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