Thursday, January 13, 2011

What to do, what to do....

So, my beloved Designer Diamond has come down with the flu (bug). I'm sure it's just a minor sensor that needs cleaning but it's putting me out of the sewing and embroidery game until it's fixed. So now what shall I do in my sewing cave?? I guess it's time to tidy up and organize!! I love my cave but it has become very cluttered lately. Especially after several holiday projects. So over the next 3 day weekend (thank you Martin Luther King) I'll spend a little time organizing.

My newest project is a Hobo Design quilt. It's symbols and their definitions that will be woven in to a civil war fabric inspired quilt. I'm also thinking about adding a few homespun fabrics as the actual appliques. So far I've gotten the description of all the symbols embroidered. That was a marathon session last weekend where I completed all 25 sayings!! Lots of hooping but not much thread changing (nice)!! I'll be picking up some additional fabric at Viking Sew n Quilt this weekend. It's a "make it as you go" type project. Apparently there isn't a pattern for the designs printed on the pack. Well, apparently there is a quilt (which I'm designing to) but the designer didn't include that particular quilt pattern in with the embroidery designs (weird). So if I don't post too many pictures in the coming weeks just know I'm organizing in preparation for a great quilt project and I'll post my progress as soon as I get my DD back in the cave!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thread "Painting"

These are some samples that I'll be taking to a upcoming class. It's both a monochrome and Sepia toned thread painting of "Maggie". Maggie is the daughter of a good friend. This was very fun to do. The monochrome is much easier to do than the Sepia toned. Maggie has a fair complexion. Lighter toned faces are more difficult to work with (my experience) due to the more subtile shading on their face. I'm working to try and perfect my process and see what hints and tips I might be able to find for students.