Thursday, January 13, 2011

What to do, what to do....

So, my beloved Designer Diamond has come down with the flu (bug). I'm sure it's just a minor sensor that needs cleaning but it's putting me out of the sewing and embroidery game until it's fixed. So now what shall I do in my sewing cave?? I guess it's time to tidy up and organize!! I love my cave but it has become very cluttered lately. Especially after several holiday projects. So over the next 3 day weekend (thank you Martin Luther King) I'll spend a little time organizing.

My newest project is a Hobo Design quilt. It's symbols and their definitions that will be woven in to a civil war fabric inspired quilt. I'm also thinking about adding a few homespun fabrics as the actual appliques. So far I've gotten the description of all the symbols embroidered. That was a marathon session last weekend where I completed all 25 sayings!! Lots of hooping but not much thread changing (nice)!! I'll be picking up some additional fabric at Viking Sew n Quilt this weekend. It's a "make it as you go" type project. Apparently there isn't a pattern for the designs printed on the pack. Well, apparently there is a quilt (which I'm designing to) but the designer didn't include that particular quilt pattern in with the embroidery designs (weird). So if I don't post too many pictures in the coming weeks just know I'm organizing in preparation for a great quilt project and I'll post my progress as soon as I get my DD back in the cave!!

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