Sunday, May 29, 2011

Designer Diamond deLuxe vs. Designer Diamond

While I was at convention, one of the classes I took was on the new Designer Diamond deLuxe.  The Designer Diamond deLuxe has the new feed system and the claim is that the embroideries it produces are as good on the back as they are on the front.  The theory is simple in that the feed system now acts similar to the sensor system when you sew over various thickness of fabric.  So no matter what thickness of thread, the new feed system will adjust to the right tension and produce superior results.

During the class, I was able to stitch just one side of the think scarf they had for us in the project kit.  This presented an opportunity to stitch the other side on my Designer Diamond when I got home.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the design we created in class but I did select what I thought was a similar design.  It was an open design that was not very stitch intensive.  The design was stitched with a candlelight type of thread.  I happened to have the exact type of thread at home (bonus)!  So the pictures below show both the deLuxe as well as the standard Diamond.  To me, with these designs, on this fabric and with this thread, there is virtually no difference in the stitch quality.
Designer Diamond deLuxe front

Designer Diamond deLuxe back

Standard Designer Diamond front

Standard Designer Diamond back

My Conclusion:  No significant visual difference.  In the coming month I hope to find some time to be able to use a Designer Diamond deLuxe in the store to test some thicker threads and observe the quality. I'll also want to try the same design, especially one with a higher stitch count.  At convention they did show some designs that had a higher stitch count and the difference was observable.  But as all of know that embroider often, hooping and stabilizer also play a part in the final product.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back From Convention

Convention was wonderful and I'm starting to decompress. This pillow is a easy class that was done on the new H class 200S serger. Many of my classmates remarked that this serger resembles an old White model carried by HV stores which was very popular.  The H/Class 200S is an inexpensive and simple to use serger and is very versatile.  I was very impressed that both sides of the machine, below the stitching area, opened up for easy access and cleaning.  And, when the right side cover is opened, you have access to a few tools that are used often (cleaning brush and screwdriver) as well as there is an area for extra needles.  That's a simple but very nice feature.

The stitches were easy to dial in and the stitch quality was excellent.  I was able to complete this exercise in the allotted class time of 2 hours.  While the pillow doesn't have colors I would select, I will definitely be making a few of these with fancier threads and seasonal colors for decorations on beds and couches in my home.  The two dotted strips featured the gathering foot on the serger and some of the others were done with the blind hem foot.  It was a great class for me, someone who rarely uses her serger. I didn't feel lost (too much) at all. I loved trying the various feet and how easy the project was to complete.  My next post will be on the new Designer Diamond deLuxe and how the new thread roller systems makes your embroideries perfect, front and back.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Husqvarna Viking Convention

It's been a great week so far in Reno, NV at the Husqvarna Viking convention.  Inspiration is everywhere. From quilts, serger projects, embroidery and software.  HV has just introduced the Designer Diamond deLuxe.  The screen on the DDd is fabulous.  It's clear and icons are highlighted when selected much more so than on the original DD.  I was lucky enough to sew and embroider on it yesterday.  The new feed system gives you a much better result on the back of the fabric.  What is normally the "wrong" side of the fabric can now pass as a reversible garment.

Today I spent some time on the new 200S serger.  What a nice entry level machine.  I completed a serger pillow and will adopt the design for classes at VSQ in the fall/winter.

My final class of the day was using the new 9.3 update of the 5D Embroidery software.  Once I finally got it installed (stupid me forgot the need to turn off my Anti Virus), we did an iPhone case that's a "in the hoop"project.

The picture I'm including today is a new embroidery design package that is crochet.  I'm sure it uses a ton of thread but it looks so lovely.  The teddy is actually a purchased teddy that the embroidery design, which is just the crocheted top piece is added to the garment.  This is something I'm definitely going to make a sample of for the shop.

Stay tuned for more convention follow up in coming days!!