Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Husqvarna Viking Convention

It's been a great week so far in Reno, NV at the Husqvarna Viking convention.  Inspiration is everywhere. From quilts, serger projects, embroidery and software.  HV has just introduced the Designer Diamond deLuxe.  The screen on the DDd is fabulous.  It's clear and icons are highlighted when selected much more so than on the original DD.  I was lucky enough to sew and embroider on it yesterday.  The new feed system gives you a much better result on the back of the fabric.  What is normally the "wrong" side of the fabric can now pass as a reversible garment.

Today I spent some time on the new 200S serger.  What a nice entry level machine.  I completed a serger pillow and will adopt the design for classes at VSQ in the fall/winter.

My final class of the day was using the new 9.3 update of the 5D Embroidery software.  Once I finally got it installed (stupid me forgot the need to turn off my Anti Virus), we did an iPhone case that's a "in the hoop"project.

The picture I'm including today is a new embroidery design package that is crochet.  I'm sure it uses a ton of thread but it looks so lovely.  The teddy is actually a purchased teddy that the embroidery design, which is just the crocheted top piece is added to the garment.  This is something I'm definitely going to make a sample of for the shop.

Stay tuned for more convention follow up in coming days!!

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