Monday, September 26, 2011

Still needs some work.....

So here's a reverse applique from a new holiday design pack from Husqvarna Viking. I embroidered this on a kitchen towel and the design includes the use of the 4 cutwork needles. The needles actually worked pretty good although they didn't completely remove the center piece that was being cut out. I just needed to use some small scissors to remove a couple of threads that were holding the piece in. So this is how it works. It lays down an initial outline of the area to be cut out. Then each of the needles cut areas on different angles all around the INSIDE of that outline.

I think to finish this off I'll likely add some of the same fabric to the bottom of the towel and perhaps a thin bias strip above the area of embroidery. We also just had a Hobby Lobby and Michaels open near where I work so I can also look for a nice complimenting trim. I repost when the towel is completely being done.

It's not too early to start working on holiday projects! I also have a December calendar that I'm working on. It has an area on the calendar for little fabric ornaments that are included in the panel. I'm experimenting with various ways of finishing them off. I've attached batting to the back of all that I've completed and found that they stick to the actual calendar. It's meant to be used year after year and therefore the ornaments are just placed on the calendar in the order based on the year. Right now my method of finishing is to use Steam A Seam 2 on the back of the ornament, then fuse to batting and finally satin stitch the two together with a thin satin stitch on my HV Designer Diamond.

Right now my Trout quilt is on hold while I work on holiday projects and prep for a few classes I'm teaching. So September is about over. Are you ready for the holiday season?? What projects are you working on?

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