Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Be My Bunny

So for a few years I had a bare-naked bunny.  I had embroidered her but never had time to make an Easter dress for her. Well, I'm starting a little early this year.  So now "Bunny" has a dress!  This is a standard Husqvarna Viking design pack that was released a hand full of years ago.  The design pack was titled "Be My Bunny" and it's still available at the following link: http://www.myembroideries.com/MyEmbroideries/Products/DesignMaster/PID-217200.aspx.

So she has a dress. But there are also designs in the pack to make 3-D carrots (a bunny's gotta eat, right?). Those look pretty easy and quick to embroider so I hope to be able to get a few edibles for her over the next weekend.  There are also some really beautiful lace elements in the pack.  I've seen those designs stitched and added to ladies "dedicates".  I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to stitch out the Easter basket and eggs that are in the pack, but they'll definitely be on the ever-growing list for the future.  I'm also adding a few other pictures. One of a close up of the dress and of the strap detail. So have YOU started your embroidery project for Easter yet??

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hoop Helper Video

Just a quick video on how the Hoop Helper works.  Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Handy Little Hoop Helper

This handy little helper is essential in my embroidery workflow.  I was very surprised today to find out that none of my students had ever heard of this little gem.  It's designed and intended to be attached to a table.  What it does so well is hold the bottom of your hoop (outer) secure and in place so that when you're hooping your embroidery project, you only have to worry about the inner hoop and not what's happening and where your outer hoop is moving around. I used to chase a lot of outer hoops around the prep table before I purchased the hoop helper.  But no more. No I can concentrate on the inner hoop and getting my embroidery and stablilizer positioned correctly in the hoop. Right now I didn't see it stocked in the store so you'd have to ask for it by name. They'll always order something for you if you ask. This helper is one of those items that helps you have great embroideries. So many things change affect the end results in your embroidery. Add to hooping is stabilizer, adding "hoop ease", having the RIGHT type of stabilizer, having the right topper and of course, using the right thread and bobbin thread. Are you satisfied with how YOUR embroideries turn out?  If not, follow along. I plan on doing several other blogs about the various elements that affect embroideries.

Friday, February 10, 2012

More cutwork!!

So this is a luggage tag created using the 2 cutwork needle method.  I'm leaving for Arizona on Wednesday and I plan to proudly attach the tab to my carry on bag.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cutwork Needles

Until I can get the full blog post up, here's a link to a YouTube video that goes in hand-in-hand with the cutwork needle lesson I'll be teaching at Viking Sew 'n Quilt this Saturday, February 11th.

2/9/12 - So here is the finished design.  I was able to carefully cut out the section that was not edited correctly so it didn't have to re-edit the design immediately.  This lesson was a good exercise to begin to learn how a cutwork needle design is put together and also how to take a stock design and include a cutwork section.  It was edited and used the 2-needle selection.  The needles did a very nice job removing the linen.

After the cut work is removed, I added a topping of Aqua Magic before the satin stitching and the center flower.  That helped stabilize the fabric just a little more and ensures that the satin stitches have something consistent to lay over.

If you haven't tried cutwork, give it a go!  It's fun and the results are lovely and add a little extra dimension to your embroidery designs.