Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time for an upgrade!!

I'm on a mission these days to upgrade some of the storage (and in some cases lack thereof) units in my sewing cave.  For too long I've used that functional but ugly plastic storage shelves for my thread stash.  So after a little internet surfing, I found the idea replacement for this:
I found what I was looking for on the web etailer Solutions (  I carefully looked at the dimensions and found this 7-drawer cabinet would be the perfect solution to store my ever expanding collection (yes, I admit to being a thread-aholic).  I realized that "some assembly" would be required but I was ready for the task after just acquiring a handy little cordless screwdriver.  I was tired of borrowing (and trying to find) tools from my hubby so I'm also assembling a collection of small hand tools of my very own.

So my internet purchase arrived at our house Friday evening while Ted and I were at our normal hang-out spot (Anthony's Pizzeria in Simpsonville).  So bright and early Saturday morning I started unpacking the box, inventorying the contents and started on my way to upgrading my thread caddy.  I'll admit to a few bumps along the way but by lunch time, I had successfully completed the assembly and my project of the day.  So now, my thread caddy looks like this:

The caddy is partially made of wood and but also has some composite in it. I really like the espresso look so all my new furniture is being purchased in that color tone.  The main parts of the cabinet are wooden so I feel this caddy will last a long time and has much more storage area in it so I'm now free to add more colors (you can never have too many shades of any color).

I've also been adding some "cube" storage and trying to organize the collection of unfinished projects, collections of fabric, bobbles and bangles from over many, many years of collecting.  In addition to being a thread-aholic, I've also been known to be a little bit of a pack rat. So my other mission is to donate things I no longer use and to thin out my collection of "stuff".  It's a tough thing to do for a pack rat (you never know when you're going to need that "thing" you've been holding on to for over 10 years but have NEVER actually used).

So stay tuned for other pictures of organizing improvements to my sewing cave.  I'm very fortunate to have a wonderfully large space. I just need to find out how to use it effectively.

Oh, and remember the bunny that recently got her Easter dress? Well, today I've "planted" a few carrots for her.  I've still got a little to do to finish them off but the plowing and seed planting is complete and I expect to be able to harvest very shortly.

May all your projects be organized and bring delight to those they are created for!  Especially if that someone is you!!

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