Sunday, April 7, 2013

3D - Give that flat embroidery some dimension!

Do you ever want to give your embroidery some dimension?  It's easy to do. You just need to pick a part of the design that can stand apart and embroidery it separately. For example, butterfly wings like in my post in July of 2011.

This is a cute little easy to make 3D flower made in 5D Embroidery Extra. It can also be done in 4D. There are loads of designs that you can use to make a 3D flower. You just have to think a little creatively. I'll be teaching a class on the 13th at VSQ in Greenville on how to construct this spring/summer little beauty.

I'll also be providing instructions on how to take other designs and make them 3D like this sample. This was a regular embroidery design that I cut apart and them Encored in 5D and them made various sizes and stitched out on tulle. I'll admit that cutting them apart was the a little time consuming but they look so nice on the jumper I did this for as the leaves from this flower are actually in the lower part of the jumper. Look at my post from June 2012 for a sample of the jumper and a better explanation for what I did.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Love Is In The Air

I've been working on a little wall art today. I plan on taking this to Hobby Lobby to have it mounted and framed (if I can't find a stock frame).

With this project I learned how to add those very European characters to my embroideries on the Letters tab of 5D Embroidery. This design was created in 5D Embroidery and 5D Stitch Editor. Stitch Editor was used to frame the design with the heart after the words had been created in 5D Embroidery. The outer frame was added at the end from the Frame tab. I stitched it out on 2 layers of a white fabric that, to me, looks a little like canvas. I used 1 layer of a medium stabilizer in my 260 X 200 hoop.

After I have it framed, I'll post an updated picture. I think it will look smashing on a wall in my home. No matter what language you say it in, love is an important element in my home as I'm sure it is in yours too!